Travel Materials - DALL-E2 + Substance

Materials created from photos I have taken with my phone while travelling!
You can usually spot a Material Artist as they are the one taking close up photos of the ground or walls in the street.
I've gathered a lot of photos over the last few years, and with my recent experience with Substance Sampler, and DALL-E2 it was a great time to put some to use!
I'm very impressed with the results from Sampler and still amazed at DALL-E2's ability to fill in the gaps. I have included the source photos, offset and output so you can see what it has done (The output has an extra offset from the 2nd pass of seam fixing). Again I used Gigapixel AI to upscale the results from DALL-E2 as they are currently locked at 1k outputs.
Most of the results have minimal edits in Designer, though for the Wood Wall I created a mask for the logs and flood-filled some rounded gradients to blend with the normal and height to get the proper look. These mostly took around 45 minutes to an hour each.
Had a lot of fun putting them together!

June 13, 2022