AI Materials 3 - DALL-E2 + Substance

I had the honor of being invited into the DALL-E2 Beta to test it out and try applying workflows with it.
Spoiler alert: I am blown away by it's abilities!

All of these base images were created by DALL-E2 AI, I then offset them in Photoshop and bought them back to DALL-E2 to paint out the seams and get it to fill in the gaps. I was astonished when this actually worked.
I then do an extra pass (Not pictured) to get the tiny seams at the edges from the 2nd pass, and then they are fully seamless.
This also works with uploaded photos as well!
I then upscaled with Gigapixel AI, bring into Substance Sampler - With the image already being seamless this is perfect!
From Sampler to Designer for edits if required, then rendered in Marmoset.

I am early on in testing DALL-E2 and am already amazed, more workflow tests to come!

June 10, 2022